Stats, Stats, Stats!

Screenshot from 2014-02-04 10:37:12

Okay, so it’s been some time since I started this blog, and since I had nothing to do today, I’m posting some stats.

March was the month I started the blog, but I made almost no posts. A couple of posts were made the next month. I forgot that this blog existed for the next four months. Posting increased , and so did my views. The last 3 months of last year saw a spike in views, due to the Project Euler post, and also the Android ViewPager post which I made.

January was my best month till now, because I started posting some of my writing – and people liked them, apparently. Well, I can’t complain. Besides, there’s a lot more coming up, so, if you’re reading this, you might wanna check back later.

Till then, scroll down and take care ;)


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