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The Lay of the Cloak [Work in Progress]

[this is a poem I wrote. I set it to music, to a tune similar to that of “We Three Kings”. it’s a work in progress. I’m sorry about the capitalization.]

Verse 1

Sing, O sing, O daughters of youth
A song of welcome for a stranger unliked
A cloak, a scythe, a stare and a sigh
A hand that reaps the earth and the sky.

(more verses to come)


O behold him here, behold him alive
The roots, the embers an’ the ashes of time
Ever-vigilant, quietly triumphant
A ruler feared once, but never again.

[as I said, more verses are in the pipeline. Just wait till I get over with the exams ;) Oh, and be sure to tell me what you thought of this in the comments!]

[what would you say to a black metal version of this? with Emperor-esque spewed growls and all? :evilgrin:]